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This blog was created for the benefit of all women in Southern Illinois who recognize their right to choose what type of childbirth they want to have. Our choices are being limited more and more by the hospitals and doctors in this area and as a result we are being told how to deliver our precious children. We sincerely hope that you find some helpful information here. Please feel free to post comments and submit information to assist in our efforts to restore our rights and choices for safe and natural childbirth methods.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to express my support for Ms. Wayman. I am a native of Southern Illinois, but I currently live in Connecticut. I have never been pregnant, but my mother was grateful to have many birthing options when she was pregnant. She birthed her first child in a hospital at age 16 where she was forced to undergo a spinal (due to her young age, not her medical condition), given medication to dry up her milk, and dissuaded from breastfeeding by her doctor and attending nurses. By the time I was born, she was determined to have more control over the birthing process, but new nothing about midwifery, and so opted to birth me at a hospital in Evansville, where her preferences for natural childbirth and breastfeeding were respected. My younger siblings were both born at home with a local doctor (and half of our family) in attendance. Because of my mother´s steady efforts at self-education about birthing practices and options in Southern Illinois, and her first-hand experience with both medical and natural childbirths, my siblings and I grew up with a better than average understanding of how the medical profession often limits women´s birth choices and persuades them to undergo unnecessary medical interventions. It wasn´t until I was older of the valuable role that midwives play in their respective communities and how hostile the medical community (and the community at large) can be towards them. I was made aware of Ms. Wayman´s predicament because my younger sister, Maggie Dorsey, delivered both of her children with Joy Wayman´s assistance, and though my sister normally shies away from political activism or contraversy of any kind, she is going out of her way now to voice her support of Ms. Wayman and spread the word in her behalf. In addition, I have many other close friends and relatives who have had midwife-assisted, natural births -- some of them at home -- and their experiences have all been positive. Not so for my friends who have gone the medical route! I am convinced that midwife-assisted childbirth is a vital service to the women of Southern Illinois, without which the community will suffer a tremendous loss. Please let me know what I can do to help Ms. Wayman get her privileges back!

Katy Balma

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  1. Is there any way someone can fix my typos in this letter (e.g., "... but new nothing ..." to "... but knew nothing ..." and "It wasn't until I was older of the valuable role" to "It wasn't until I was older that I became aware of the valuable role ...")?