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This blog was created for the benefit of all women in Southern Illinois who recognize their right to choose what type of childbirth they want to have. Our choices are being limited more and more by the hospitals and doctors in this area and as a result we are being told how to deliver our precious children. We sincerely hope that you find some helpful information here. Please feel free to post comments and submit information to assist in our efforts to restore our rights and choices for safe and natural childbirth methods.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Joy Wayman of Murphysboro, Certified Nurse 

Midwife, Has Been FIRED!

Women of Southern Illinois OUR Options are now one less and at a Great Cost!

Upset, Confused as to Why or How this could happen?

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  1. This is outrageous. It's just another pathetic attempt of controlling, self concious men to twist things in their favor to get rid of someone they feel threatened by. Sounds like some people couldn't handle it that a nurse did a better job than a doctor! I know Joy is a wonderful nurse and Midwife and the women of Southern Illinois have been screwed!

  2. I always wished there was a midwife as caring and kind as Joy in Southern Illinois when my own children were born. -- She has been a blessing to so many women at the single most transformative event of their lives. Her inability to share her loving care with others is a travesty. Joy - you have our support!

  3. Midwifery is far from extinct in S IL. Heartland delivered 1100 babies this year and the majority were by yes their 4 midwives. For more info call 1 877 ILOBGYN or visit www.ilobgyn.com