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This blog was created for the benefit of all women in Southern Illinois who recognize their right to choose what type of childbirth they want to have. Our choices are being limited more and more by the hospitals and doctors in this area and as a result we are being told how to deliver our precious children. We sincerely hope that you find some helpful information here. Please feel free to post comments and submit information to assist in our efforts to restore our rights and choices for safe and natural childbirth methods.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Information on Natural Childbirth

As our society has progressed and made advancements in modern medicine many medical "norms" have shifted. One norm that has shifted dramatically is the way women are expected to bear children. Whether you believe that God created our bodies with all of the necessary functions to give birth or that our amazing reproductive system is a product of evolution, it's easy to agree that a woman's body is remarkably well-equipped for this one special task.

That being said, we women are no longer being educated and encouraged to allow our bodies to do what they are built to do. Many doctors and specialists feel the only way women can bear children is through medical interventions. We have all been grateful for a highly trained and skilled doctor at some point in our lives and will undoubtedly be greatful for their expertise in years to come; however, in Southern Illinois (specifically the Carbondale area) many of these skilled practicioners are forcing us into what we'll refer to here as "medicalized births." A medicalized birth may not sound bad due to all of the marvels of modern medicine, but most women are surprised to find out the United States has the second worst newborn death rate amongst modern countries according to a 2006 CNN report. The annual State of the World's Mothers report said, "The United States has more neonatologists and neonatal intensive care beds per person than Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom, but its newborn rate is higher than any of those countries." Another article found on webMD.com states, "The U.S. infant mortality rate is higher than rates in most other developed countries," note CDC researchers Marian F. MacDorman, PhD, and T.J. Mathews. "The relative position of the United States in comparison to countries with the lowest infant mortality rates appears to be worsening."

With all of these reports labeling the medically-advanced United States as having an extremely poor newborn mortality rate, you would think doctors would be more encouraging of educating women about their options and more open to natural methods of childbirth.

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  1. I'm curious as to what exactly constitutes a "medicalized birth?" Is this simply referring to the use of an epidural?

    This post seems to insinuate that the infant mortality rate is higher in the U.S. than in most countries because of these "medicalized births," when upon a full reading of the articles, they cite a correlation primarily to pre-term births and low-birth weight and most of the infant deaths to disadvantaged minority groups who have less access to healthcare or less education and therefore less likely to seek adequate healthcare. So it seems that the high infant mortality rate is due more to the lack of adequate medical intervention, something that natural childbirth is completely unrelated to and can't remedy. Does natural childbirth prevent pre-term births and low birth weight? Will promoting natural childbirth provide access for disadvantaged, less educated, minority groups to adequate healthcare? These articles and statistics cited have no mention of natural childbirth and it is highly disingenuous and grossly misinformed to insinuate that natural childbirth is the answer to lowering infant mortality rates.

    While I fully support the option of natural childbirth and midwives and would greatly support any midwife that had wrongfully had her privileges revoked, this post is incomplete, misguided, and grossly misinformed. Please use sources responsibly.